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piovré (F)
peppery (GB)
pepato (I)

Description for the fiery and pungent smell and taste of a wine after paprika (chili, pepperoni) or pepper in the context of a wine speech. So although they are different families of spices, the same term is often used because the sensations when consumed are very similar. It is not a pure taste sensation, but a trigeminal pain sensation, which is often described as hot or hot. For this reason, when describing wines, the indications paprika (chilli, pepperoni) and pepper should be used with caution. For red wines from Cabernet Sauvignon, mostly paprika is meant, but for Syrah black pepper. In Austria, on the other hand, Pfefferl is used as a variety-typical characteristic for white wines from Grüner Veltliner. Related terms are the positively connotated terms fiery and spicy and in connection with unripe grapes the rather negatively connotated terms green and grassy.

pfeffrig - Pfeffer und Paprika

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