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Generic name for various plants or their pungent fruits, also known as chilli, pepperoni or peppers. Chili is used for a spice mixture originating from the USA based on powder of the fruits (chili powder) or for a hot seasoning sauce made from it (chili sauce). The cayenne or Spanish pepper has its origins in Latin America and is obtained from dried fruits of the chilli variety cayenne; it has therefore nothing to do with pepper. This is another reason why pepper is often confused with paprika, but these are two different families of spices. Paprika contains capsaicin, pepper contains piperine.

Paprika und Pfefferoni/Chili

Both fruits or their substances cause the sensation of hotness (not a pure taste sensation, but a trigeminal pain sensation). And for both spices certain aromatic substances are typical, for paprika methoxypyrazine, for pepper linalool. Both paprika and pepper aromas are particularly common in red wines. Due to the facts described above, therefore, the terms paprika (chili, pepperoni) and pepper should be used with some caution when referring to wine, as the term peppery is often used for both.

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