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Pepl grape

Synonym (also Pepi grape) for the grape variety Silvaner; see there.

The white grape variety originates from Austria. Well over a hundred synonyms testify to the great age and wide distribution of this vine. The most important ones, grouped alphabetically by country, are Augustiner Weiß, Bötzinger, Fliegentraube, Franken, Frankenriesling, Frankentraube, Grünedel, Grüner Silvaner, Österreicher, Österreichisch, Roter Silvaner, Schönfeilner(Germany); Feuille Ronde, Gamay Blanc, Gros Riesling, Picardon Blanc, Silvain Vert(France); Sylvaner Verde(Italy); Sonoma Riesling(California); Silvanac Zeleni, Silvanai Zeleni (Croatia); Salfin; Salfin Belyi, Salfine Bely(Moldavia); Grüner Zierfandler, Pepi grape, Pepl grape, Sylvaner, Zierfandler(Austria); Gros Plant du Rhin, Gros Rhin, Johannisberg(Switzerland); Sylvánské Zelené(Slovakia); Zeleni Silvanec(Slovenia); Cynifadl Zeleny, Cynifal, Cynifal Zeleny, Sylvánské Zelené(Czech Republic); Bálint, Zöld Szilváni(Hungary) In spite of apparently indicative synonyms or morphological similarities, it should not be confused with the varieties Elbling (White Silvaner), Austrian White or Sauvignon Blanc (Muscat Silvaner).

Silvaner - Grüner Silvaner (Weintraube und Blatt)

The name was often associated with the Latin "Silva" (meaning "forest") or "saevum" (wild) and its origin was derived from wild vines. According to DNA analyses carried out by Dr. Ferdinand Regner already in 1998, it is a presumably natural cross between the leading variety...

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