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The state on the middle Atlantic coast named after its founder, the Quaker William Penn (1644-1718), with the capital Harrisburg was one of the 13 founding states of the USA. The country, rich in forests and lakes, stretches from the coast through the Appalachian Mountains to Lake Erie - one of the five Great Lakes. Oak wood grows in the extensive forests, which is used for the production of American barrique barrels. Viticulture was already practised here in the 17th century, among other things French Huguenots, who were expelled from their homeland in 1683, brought their knowledge of viticulture with them. Towards the end of the 18th century, the historic grape variety Alexander was discovered near Philadelphia. Central Delaware Valley, Cumberland Valley, Lake Erie and the Lancaster Valley, which is the only one restricted to the state of Pennsylvania, are classified as AVA areas. The wine growing centers are located around the two cities of Philadelphia and Lancaster in the southeast of the country.

The vineyards cover about 4,000 hectares of vines. Almost three-quarters of them are planted with varieties of the American species Vitis labrusca, such as the historic Concord variety discovered and cultivated here. This is used to produce sweet wines with a distinct foxtone or grape juice. The French hybrids made popular by the American viticulture pioneer Philip Wagner (1904-1996) from the 1940s onwards are also widespread on the East Coast, as in the other states. Well-known production companies are Allegro, Arrowhead Wine Cellars, Big Creek Vineyard, Blue Mountain Vineyards, Chaddsford, Cherry Valley Vineyard, Clover Hill Vineyards & Winery, Conneaut Cellars Winery, Evergreen Valley Vineyards, Flickerwood Wine Cellars, Heritage Wine Cellars, Mount Hope Estate & Winery, Oak Spring Winery, Presque Isle Wine Cellar, Quaker Ridge Winery, Slate Quarry Winery, Stone Villa Wine Cellars and Vynecrest Winery.

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