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Pebble Mountain

Single vineyard site in the municipality of Deidesheim (Mittelhaardt-Deutsche Weinstrasse area) in the German wine-growing region of the Palatinate. In the Bavarian soil classification or vineyard site classification carried out in 1828, it was counted among the best in the Palatinate. The south-facing vineyard at an altitude of 150 to 160 metres above sea level with a slope gradient of up to 20% comprises 16 hectares of vineyards. It lies well protected in the lee of the Haardt Mountains. The strongly changing soil structure consists of weathered red sandstone with fist-sized sandstones and loamy sand. Here mainly Riesling is cultivated. The Bassermann-Jordan, Biffar Josef, Kimich, Mosbacher Georg, Reichsrat von Buhl, Siben and Weingut von Winning, for example, have shares in the vineyards.

There are further individual sites with the name Kieselberg in the municipalities of Biebelsheim (Rheinhessen), Bobenheim, Erpolzheim, Kleinkarlbach (all Pfalz) and Oberhausen (Nahe).

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