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The red grape variety is an interspecific new variety between Clinton x Black Hamburg(Schiava Grossa). Synonyms are Arnold 1, Arnold's Hybrid, Arnold's Hybrid 1, Canadian Hamburg, Canadian Hybrid, Challenge, Fekete Othello, Kék Othello, Mendoza, Otelo, Otelo Crno and Otello. Genes from Vitis labrusca, Vitis riparia and Vitis vinifera are included. The crossing of the hybrids was done in Ontario/Canada in 1859 by the private breeder Charles Arnold. The variety was a crossing partner in the new Folle Américaine and Gaillard 2 breedings and was also often used for rootstock vines. It is particularly suitable for calcareous soils. The vine produces strong, acidic red wines. At the time of the phylloxera catastrophe, it was planted on a large scale in Europe from the middle of the 19th century onwards, especially in France. In Austria it was formerly used for the Uhudler, but is now prohibited for wine production in the EU (see under quality wine grape varieties).

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