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Orléans (grape variety)

The white grape variety originates from Germany. Synonyms or colour variations include Gelber Orléans, Gros Riesling, Grüner Orléans, Hartheunisch, Harthengst, Orleaner, Orléans Jaune, Orléanstraube, Orleanzer, Orlänzsch, Weißer Wälscher and Weißer Orléans. The attribute "hard" refers to the thick-skinned berry skins of the high-yielding vine. It yields high-alcohol, full-bodied, acidic white wines with diverse aromas of dried apricot, herbs, hay and beeswax. According to DNA analyses, there is no (previously suspected) connection to the Heunisch variety (Gouais Blanc), although some synonyms seem to indicate this. According to a hypothesis by Lambert von Babo (1790-1862), it is said to have been introduced from Orléans at the behest of Emperor Charlemagne (742-814) and planted on the Rüdesheimer Berg, which was later also called "Berg Orléans". However, varieties of this name have never been mentioned in the Orléans area.

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