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The white grape variety comes from the USA. It is an open flowered seedling of the Taylor variety. It was named after Noah, who, according to a story in the Bible (Gen. 9.21), became a winegrower after landing with the ark on Mount Ararat and planted the first vine. Synonyms are Belo Otelo, Charvat, Flaga Alba, Fraga, Hondarribi Zuri, Noa, Noah Bianca, Noé, Nohan, Noka, Nova, Nove, Otelo Belo and Tatar Rizling.

Noah - Weintraube und Blatt

It contains at least genes of the American species Vitis labrusca and Vitis riparia. The selection of the hybrids was done in 1869 in Illinois-USA by the private breeder Otto Wasserzieher. It was then distributed by the company Bush & Son & Meissner from Missouri. In spite of apparently indicative synonyms or morphological similarities it should not be confused with the varieties Courbu Blanc, Crouchen or Elvira. In the Spanish Basque Country the synonym Hondarribi Zuri is used for the first two varieties and for Noah (see also Hondarribi Beltza). The Noah variety was a crossbreeding partner in the new varieties Baco Blanc, Baco Chasselas and Totmur. It is also used as rootstock.

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