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Negru Virtos

The red grape variety comes from Romania. Synonyms are Beilar Cherasi, Cerno Tuirdo, Cerno Tvarno, Cherasi, Corb, Galac, Galac Arbanaski, Gordan Negru, Negrou Vyrtos, Negru Batut, Negru Bulgar, Negru Bulgarese, Negru Tare, Negru Vartos, Negru Vertos and Saint Nicolas. Whether there is a relationship to the Bulgarian variety Mavrud Varnenski (Negru Virtos Cu Flori Normale) is not known. Also the parentage (parenthood) is unknown. The variety was a crossing partner in the two new breeds Negru de Drăgășani and Novac. It is an all-female grape variety. No stock was reported in 2010 (Kym Anderson).

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