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Music during winemaking

Attempts to use music at various stages of winemaking as a means of positively influencing biological processes or improving quality have been made time and again. The K+K Kirnbauer winery (Mittelburgenland) has music played over its wines during barrel ageing. The two Austrian restaurateurs Markus Bachmann and Thomas Köberl even patented a method called "Sonor Wines". During fermentation, the musts are played melodies by Mozart, operetta arias, waltzes, polkas or Schrammel music, with the loudspeakers installed directly in the tank. According to the two, this unusual method does not have an esoteric background at all, but concrete effects on the yeast strains, the duration and intensity of fermentation as well as the mouthfeel. This method is used in various forms or applied to individual wines by the wineries Ott Stefan, Hannelore Aschauer, Zeilinger-Wagner, Peter Uhler, Mayer Vitikultur and Pretterebner Rolf.

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