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Muscatel Graúdo

Synonym for the grape variety Muscat d'Alexandrie; see there.

The white grape variety originates from the Mediterranean region; possibly from Greece or Italy. Around 200 synonyms testify to the great age and worldwide distribution of the vine. The most important ones are Muscat de Berkain, Muscat de Fandouk, Muscat El Adda(Algeria); Moscatel Bianco, Moscatel Blanco, Moscatel de Alejandría,(Argentina); Gordo, Lexia, Muscat Gordo Blanco, Muscat of Alexandria (Australia); Moscatel de Alejandría(Chile); Cibeben Muscateller, Muscat-Damascener, Weißer Spanier, Weißer Zibeben-Muscateller, Zibeben Muskateller(Germany); Acherfield's Early Muscat, Muscat Bowood (England); Augibi Blanc, Jubi Blanc, Muscat à Gros Grains, Muscat d'Alexandrie Blanc, Muscat de Jerusalem, Muscat de Rome, Muscat d'Espagne, Muscat Grec, Muscat Romain(France), Angliko, Apostoliatiko, Moschato Alexandrias, Moschato Limnou(Greece); Gerosolimitana Bianca, Gordo Zibibo, Gorosolimitana Bianca, Isidori, Moscatel d'Alessandria, Moscatel de Jesus, Moscatel Romano, Moscatellone, Moscato di Pantelleria, Moscato Francese, Moscato Gordo, Paradisia, Seralamanna, Uva di Pantelleria, Zibibbo, Zibibbo de Pantellaria, Zibibo(Italy); Cibib, Cibib Muscatan Bijeli (Croatia); Moscatel de Setúbal, Moscatel Graúdo(Portugal), Tamîioasa de Alexandria(Romania); Aleksandrijski Muscat(Russia); Gordo, Moscatel Blanco, Moscatel de Alejandría, Moscatel de Málaga, Moscatel de Chipiona, Moscatel de Grano Gordo, Moscatel de Malaga, Moscatel Flamenco, Moscatel Gordo, Moscatel Gordo Blanco, Moscatel Gordo Morado, Salamanca, Zibibbo Blanco(Spain); Hanepoot, Roode Hanepoot, White Muscat of Alexandria, White Hanepoot(South Africa); Meski, Albillo di Toro, Argelino, Muscat de Raf-Raf(Tunisia), Iskendiriye Misketi(Turkey); Alexandriai Muskotály, Daroczy Musko(Hungary); Malaga(Cyprus).

Muscat d’Alexandrie und Muscat d’Alexandrie Red

Despite morphological similarity, it must not be confused with the variety Moscato di Terracina or the variety Muscat d'Hamburg (with confusing synonym Black Muscat of Alexandria). According to the last DNA analyses carried out in 2018, the variety is the result of a presumably natural...

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