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Mtsvane Kakhuri

The white grape variety originates from Georgia; the name means "Green of Kakheti". Synonyms are Dedali Mtsvane, Dedali Mtzvane, Dedam Kourdzeni, Mamali Mtsvane, Mamali Mtsvani, Mamali Mtzvane, Mcknara, Mcvane Kachettinskij, Mtzvane Kakhuri, Mtsvane, Mtsvane Kachuri, Mtsvane Kakhetinskii, Mtsvani, Mtzvané, Mtzvane Kakhetinskii and Mtzvane Kviteli. The parentage (parentage) is unknown. It must not be confused with the variety Goruli Mtsvane (with synonym Mtsvane Goruli). It was a crossing partner of the new varieties Pervenets Magaracha and Podarok Magaracha.

Mtsvane Kakhuri - Weintraube und Blatt

It is a very old variety that is said to have been mentioned as early as the 5th century. It is mainly cultivated in the Kakheti region in eastern Georgia. The medium to late ripening vine is susceptible to powdery mildew but resistant to frost. It produces high-alcohol, acidic white wines with a citrus flavour, which are often blended with the Rkatsiteli variety, for example in the brand wine Tsinandali. It is also used for dessert wines and sparkling wines. In 2016, 319 hectares of vineyards were reported (Kym Anderson statistics). Smaller stocks are also said to exist in Armenia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine.

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