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The white grape variety originates from Italy. There are over 80 synonyms, some of which are Biancone, Caccione, Cacchione, Campolese, Dobrogostena, Empibotte, Empibotte Bianco, Maraština Omis, Pagadebit, Pagadebito, Pagadebito Gentile, Scacciadebito, Trebbiano di Teramo, Uva Fermana, Uva Passa and Zinna di Vacca.In the VIVC catalogue, the synonyms Trbljan,Trbljan Beli, Trbljan Bijeli and Trebijanka are also given (stocks in Croatia are reported under Trbljan ). It must not be confused with the varieties Bombino Bianco (Pagadebit, Trebbiano di Teramo), Passerina (Scacciadebito) or Rollo (Empibotte), despite the synonyms or morphoplogical similarities that seem to indicate this. According to DNA analyses carried out in 2009, there is a parent-offspring relationship with the leading variety Garganega (M. Crespan). Later, however, a parentage between Ragusano x Uva Femmina was found (G. Cipriani). The identity of the parent varieties is unclear, however, because Ragusano is a synonym for several varieties and Uva Femmina (female grape) is a vague designation.

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