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Morning Noir

The red grape variety comes from France. Synonyms are Chasselas Noir, Goulu Noir, Gulja Noir, Ljali Surh, Médoc Noir, Montruchon, Mornant, Mornen, Morning Nero, Mornerain, Mornerain Noir, Mornerein and Perrier Noir. The name is most likely derived from the canton of Mornant in the department of the Rhône. According to DNA analyses carried out in 2013, it is probably a natural cross between Mondeuse Noire x unknown partner. This refuted the claim made by Pierre Galet (1921-2019) that it was identical to the Hungarian variety Menoir (Médoc Noir). It is also suspected that it is genetically similar to the Chasselas variety, which explains the synonym Chasselas Noir. The early to medium ripening vine was formerly common in the Loire and Rhône. In the commune of Chavanay (Loire), efforts are being made to revive the variety. In 2016, however, no stock was declared (statistics Kym Anderson).

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