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Synonym for the grape variety Teinturier du Cher; see there.

The red grape variety comes from France. There are more than 80 synonyms that testify to the great age and worldwide spread of the vine. The most important are Agreste Noir, Auvernat Teint, Bluttraube, Bourguignon Noir, Färbertraube, Gros Noir, Moreau, Neraut, Nerone, Noir d'Orléans, Plant d'Espagne, Pontac, Pontack, Pontiac, ruby grape, Tachard, Teinturier, Teinturier à Bois Rouge, Teinturier Mâle, ink grape, ink wine, Uva Tinta and Vin Tint. It must not be confused with the Pinot Teinturier, Tinta Francisca (Teinturier Mâle) or other Teinturier varieties, even if synonyms or morphological similarities appear to indicate this.

Teinturier du Cher - Weintraube und Blatt

This very old variety was possibly mentioned as early as 1564 in a work by...

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