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metallic (GB)
métallique (F)
metallico (I)

Description for a negatively bitter and hard taste (also tinny, inky) of a wine in the context of a wine address. High metal contents of aluminium, iron, copper or zinc in wine can cause the wine defects black break (metallic taste) and white break. The wine can have a flaky turbidity from milky-white to blackish-green colour, therefore it is also called metal turbidity. The metals may have already gotten into the grapes from the vineyard soil or through fungal attack, or may have been released from barrel nails through the influence of acids and tannins during barrel ageing. This can be partially removed (iron, copper) by fining (blueing). Even when opening a bottle, contact of the corkscrew spiral with the wine can lead to a metallic note. Wines with a mineral flavour can also have very slight metallic tones, but in this case this does not mean a wine defect. Metallic should also not be confused with the positive term steel.

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