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Meredith Carole

The American scientist Dr. Carole P. Meredith had been working at the University of California in Davis since 1980. There she taught as a professor for viticulture and cellar management and was intensively engaged in ampelographic tasks. From the mid-1990s onwards, she made very successful efforts to determine the origin of grape varieties by DNA analysis. There was close collaboration with the French research institute in Montpellier, especially with the Swiss ampelographer Jean-Michel Boursiquot. Among other things, the parentage of the varieties Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenère, Charbono, Chardonnay, Durif, Gamay, Merlot, Merlot Blanc, Plavac Mali, Syrah and Zinfandel (or that it is identical to Primitivo and Tribidrag), as well as more than 20 crosses of Gouais Blanc x Pinot were clarified.

Carole Meredith retired in 2003. Together with her husband Stephen Lagier, she has been producing Syrah wines at the Lagier-Meredith winery in Napa Valley (Mount Veeder), California, ever since. Her name is often quoted in relevant sources in connection with grape variety DNA analysis even after her retirement. However, this does not refer to any personal collaboration, but to the fact that her work was still included in the analyses concerned until 2003. In 2009 she was inducted into the "Vintners Hall of Fame" for her great services to the Californian wine industry.

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