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Marcus Valerius Martialis (40-102) was born in Bilbilis (Spanish DO area Calatayud) and was a Roman poet. In his frivolous mocking poems (epigrams), which consist of 1,500 short poems in 15 books, he depicted the social conditions of Rome in a critical form. However, Martial cautiously used pseudonyms for the people whose vices he denounced. One example is: "Anyone who thinks that Acerra smells of yesterday's wine is mistaken, because Accera always drinks until daybreak". He was particularly fond of bragging and boasting, and often mentioned wine in this context. The nouveau riche of course drink the famous Opimianer, a special vintage of the Falerner. Martial mocks the cult of old wine and invents a wine that has no consular year and therefore was put in the cellar before the Republic was founded.

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