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Classical cocktail, with regard to whose "invention" there are several versions. According to the most common one, it was first prepared in the 1870s by order of Jennie Churchill (1854-1921), the mother of Winston Churchill (1874-1965), on the occasion of a banquet held for the lawyer and US presidential candidate Samuel J. Tilden (1814-1886) at the New York club "Manhattan". According to another version, however, it was created in the 1860s by a bartender named Black in a bar on Broadway near Houston Street. The Manhattan is mixed from 4 to 5 cl Canadian (Canadian whisky), Tennessee whisky or Bourbon (Kentucky whisky), 1 to 2 cl vermouth and two splashes of Angostura (bitter liqueur).

Mahattan - Cocktailglas

Depending on the wormwood, a distinction is made between "Dry" (dry white wormwood), "Sweet" (sweet, red wormwood) and "Perfect" (half and half). However, there are other variants with other types of whisky (Scotch, Irish Whisky), Brandy or Rum, as well as other flavouring agents such as Orange Bitter or Peychaud's Bitter instead of Angostura. It is stirred in a mixing glass on ice, strained into a cocktail glass (Straight Up = without ice) and garnished with an olive or Maraschino cherry. Thus, in terms of ingredients and preparation, Manhattan is similar to a martini cocktail, in which gin (or vodka) is used as the spirit. Both cocktails are served as aperitifs.

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