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Ancient Macedonia (Macedonia, Makedonía) on the north-western edge of the Aegean was a kingdom in northern Greece and rose to become a great power under King Philip II (359-336 BC). He ruled almost the entire Balkan peninsula. His son Alexander the Great (356-323 BC) only used Macedonia as a base for his military campaigns. The Macedonian kings were known for their hard drinking and Alexander was allegedly killed during a drinking bout. In 167 BC, the empire collapsed and came under Roman rule. When the Roman Empire was divided in 395, the province became part of the Byzantine Empire. After a chequered history, the area was divided between Greece, Serbia and Bulgaria in 1913 and between Greece and Yugoslavia in 1947.

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Thorsten Rahn

The Wine lexicon helps me to keep up to date and refresh my knowledge. Thank you for this Lexicon that will never end in terms of topicality! That's what makes it so exciting to come back often.

Thorsten Rahn
Restaurantleiter, Sommelier, Weindozent und Autor; Dresden

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