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Liebfrauenstift church piece

Historical single location in the city of Worms (Wonnegau area) in the German Rheinhessen growing region. The famous vineyard once belonged to the ecclesiastical property of the eponymous Capuchin monastery Liebfrauen-Stiftskirche. In the course of Napoleonic secularisation, the vineyards were purchased in 1808 by the wine merchant Peter Joseph Valckenberg (1764-1837) and are still partly owned by his descendants and owners of the Liebfrauenstift vineyard. The famous Liebfrauenmilch wine, which was originally only produced here, came from the historical part with nine hectares of vineyards. The wine from the core has a smoky taste, which comes from the wooden house rubble from the Palatinate War of Succession (1688-1697). At that time, the rubble from the town around the Liebfrauenkirche was deposited and vineyards were planted on it. Around 1900 it was considered one of the best in Europe and was consumed by the British royal court, among others. Unfortunately, this geographically narrowly defined term was then extended to all Rhine wines, regardless of their exact origin, thus largely watering down the former concept of quality.

Liebfrauenkirche in Worms mit Rebfläche / Peter Joseph Valckenberg

The evenly aligned vineyards at an altitude of 95 to 100 metres above sea level cover 17 hectares of vine area due to extensions. They are located in the middle of the city of Worms around the Liebfrauenkirche. The top soil consists of loess with a high proportion of Rotliegend. Below this is a layer of sand and gravel. The site is surrounded by walls which provide good protection against winds. The nearby Rhine exerts a positive influence. Riesling andPinot Blanc (Weißburgunder) are cultivated here to about 80%. The Gutzler Gerhard, Liebfrauenstift (formerly Valckenberg), Schembs Arno and Spohr wineries, for example, have a share in the site.

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Picture on the right: City of Worms, public domain, link

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