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The white grape variety comes from Hungary; the name means "girl". Synonyms are Leanka, Leanika, Leányka Fehér and Mädchentraube. There are great morphological similarities with the Romanian variety Fetească Albă. According to DNA analyses carried out in 1999 (F. Regner) and 2009 (Z. Galbács), they are supposed to be two independent varieties (they are also listed as independent in the statistics of Kym Anderson). However, according to Dr. Erika Maul(JKI) the DNA profiles are identical, therefore only one variety is listed in the VIVC catalogue. Under the name Leányka she was a parent of Királyleányka (natural cross) and Zefír (new variety). The early-ripening, high-yielding vine is resistant to frost and drought, but susceptible to both types of mildew and botrytis. It produces aromatic white wines with floral aromas and ageing potential. The variety is grown in the Bükkalja, Eger and Mátraalja areas. The area under cultivation in 2010 was 838 hectares.

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