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There are two neighbouring individual vineyards of this name in the German Moselle wine region:

Leiwen - Moselle (Bernkastel)

It owes its name to the St. Laurentius Chapel on the top of the vineyard. From here there is an impressive, wide panoramic view of the "Moselle quadrangle" with the four communities of Detzem, Leiwen, Köwerich and Thörnich. The south- to south-west-facing vineyards on the southern bank of the Moselle at an altitude of 120 to 240 metres above sea level with a gradient of 50 to 70% comprise 18 hectares of vineyard area. The medium to deep clay slate weathered soils have in part a high proportion of fine soil. Here, mainly Riesling is cultivated with partly very old root-true vines. The vineyards Blees-Ferber, Boendgen, Carl Loewen, Clüsserath-Eifel, Grans-Fassian, Nik Weis - St. Urbans-Hof, Schmitt Heinz and Stoffel Alfons, for example, have a share in the site.

Köwerich - Moselle (Bernkastel)

This is located on the opposite side of the valley. The vineyards, which face southwest to west-southwest and have a slope gradient of 25 to 65%, comprise 18 hectares of vineyards on flat to medium-deep slate weathered soils. The outstanding or best quality plots of the site are located in the middle section. The Riesling variety is mainly cultivated here. The Fendt Weinfamilie, Hoffmann-Simon, St. Nikolaus-Hof and Stoffel Alfons wineries, for example, all have shares in the site.

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