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Label remover

Franmara offers the product "Label Saver" for removing the labels from wine bottles, which are often much sought-after by collectors. This is a transparent film, which is placed flat with the adhesive side on the label and then carefully peeled off. When used properly, the label can be removed without damage. The disadvantage of this method is that the labels can turn dark over time due to the adhesive. A second method is to heat the bottles in an oven with circulating air at 120 °Celsius for about ten minutes and then remove the label with a sharp knife. A third method is to fill the bottles with hot water up to the edge of the label. Then the filled bottles are placed in a high saucepan filled with hot water and this is heated until the water simmers slightly. When the temperature inside and outside is comparably high, the bottle is removed from the pot. The label must now be allowed to dry completely for a short time. Afterwards it can be removed from the bottle relatively easily without any problems.

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