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Ancient Greek colonial town (also Cremissa), which was located on the site of the present day town of Cirò in the Italian region of Calabria. According to legend, the wine from this area was served to the Olympic champions. Today the DOC wine Cirò is produced here. However, it is a very unlikely hypothesis that the Gaglioppo variety used for this was already contained in this ancient wine. The Greek philosopher Epictet (138-50 B.C.) gave the following instructions about the enjoyment of wine by ancient athletes

"You want to win the Olympics? Think about what comes before and after, and only then get to work. You have to submit to strict discipline and certain food; you have to avoid goodies, take a hard training in heat and cold. You must not drink fresh drinks or wine at will; in short, you must place yourself entirely in the hands of your trainer, like a doctor. In a fight you have to do heavy work, and maybe you will dislocate your hand or ankle. You have to swallow a lot of dust, maybe you even get the whip and maybe you lose in spite of everything. Think it all over, and if you still want to, become an "athlete".

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