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The sacred scripture of Islam (al-Qurʾān - the reading) which, according to Muslim belief, contains the literal revelation of God (Allah) to the Prophet Muhammad. It is written in a special rhyming prose, which is called Sadsh in Arabic. The Qur'an consists of 114 suras, which in turn consist of a varying number of verses. Four Qur'anic verses (aya) explicitly deal with the consumption or prohibition of alcohol (for details see there):

Sura 2, verse 219: You are asked about wine and the game of lot. In them is a grave sin. And yet they are (sometimes) of use to men. But the sin that is in them is greater than their benefit. And you are asked what to give: the surplus (of possessions)! This is how God makes the verses clear to you. Perhaps you would reflect.

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