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A one-way keg (keg = small barrel) developed by Lightweight Containers BV for filling and storing all kinds of liquids. The system works according to the well-known "bag-in-ball" principle (bag in a ball). The cylindrical/barrel-shaped container made of PET (plastic made of polyethylene terephthalate) contains a special inner bag containing the respective beverage. The material of the bag is odourless and tasteless. The contents are conveyed to the outside by generating pressure in the area between the bag and the outer jacket without the propellant gas used coming into contact with the beverage. The inner bag also provides effective protection against light. Further advantages are reduced transport and storage costs.

KeyKeg - verschiedene Behälter

The container was developed for cider, beer and sparkling wine because it is particularly suitable for carbonated beverages. It is now also increasingly used for wine. The system offers protection and longer shelf life of the drink after tapping and is mainly used in the catering industry for open serving. According to the manufacturer, KeyKeg is an improved alternative to the traditional bag-in-box containers. There are two sizes with a capacity of 20 or 30 litres (equivalent to 26 or 40 bottles of wine of 0.75 l). Tests carried out by the Geisenheim Research Institute have shown a high barrier property (low loss of carbon dioxide and sulphurous acid, which is important for the shelf life). See also under wine containers.

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