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John Wine

Name for a wine that is consecrated in the church on 27 December, the name day of the apostle John. Tradition equates the apostle John with the evangelist John, but according to research, the apostle and favourite disciple of Jesus, the evangelist and the author of the Apocalypse are usually distinguished into three different persons. This fourth Christmas holiday, which was originally celebrated until the 17th century, is therefore also called "Winterhannes" or "Winterjohanni", in contrast to the "St. John's Day" celebrated in summer on June 24th in honor of John the Baptist. The believers bring a few bottles of wine to the service, which are blessed. After Mass, the priest hands the faithful the blessed wine with the words: "Drink the love of St. John". That is why he is also called the "St. John's minute". The custom of blessing the wine of St. John goes back to a legend. John argued with the inhabitants of Ephesus what the right faith was. He had the pagan high priest give him a cup of poisoned wine, made the sign of the cross over the deadly potion and emptied the cup undamaged. Therefore the cup with a snake is one of the attributes of John

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