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Interspecific crossing

Term for a cross between two grape varieties of different species. These are combinations between the European Vitis vinifera and an American or Asian species. But also crosses between two different American (for example Vitis labrusca x Vitis rupestris) or Asian (for example Vitis amurensis x Vitis coignetiae) or between American and Asian species (for example Vitis amurensis x Vitis riparia) are interspecific crosses (inter = between). Usually only interspecific crossings are called hybrids.

interspezifische Kreuzung - Seyval Blanc x Chardonnay = Chardonel

The result of crossing different varieties of the same species with each other, for example two varieties of the only European species Vitis vinifera, is called intraspecific crossing (intra = within). For example, the intraspecific crossing Riesling x Madeleine Royale resulted in the Müller-Thurgau variety. Strictly speaking, these crosses are also hybrids, although they are hardly ever called so.

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