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Although the red grape variety originates from Croatia, it is mainly cultivated in California under the name Zinfandel. The German pronunciation is "Zin-fan-del", in the American pronunciation the "a" is swallowed and the name is pronounced as "Zinfn-dell" or also briefly as "Zin". According to DNA analyses carried out by Dr. Carole Meredith and John Bowers at the University of California (Davis) in close cooperation with Croatian and Italian vine specialists from 1994 to 2011, the many decades of unclear identity has been clarified. Three varieties cultivated in Europe and one in the USA are identical:

The variety is therefore also called ZPC = Zinfandel / Primitivo / Crljenak Kaštelanski. Primitivo and Tribidrag/Zinfandel are not 100% identical according to DNA analyses, but are considered to be one grape variety. According to the ampelographic rule, a variety is designated by the oldest name used, which is why the name Tribidrag, already mentioned in the 15th century, was suggested in the "Wine Grapes" grape variety bible. The history of identity clarification is described under Tribidrag.

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