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In botany, the term (Latin inauguration, introduction) for the beginning of the development of a future fruit of a plant. The clusters are already preformed (initiated = initiated) one year earlier as a tiny tissue plant in the forming winter buds. The yield-relevant winter buds with the shoots, leaves and shingles of the following year are formed in the leaf axils of the lower nodes during the spring growth of the fruit shoot from the beginning of flowering. In the young shoots of the buds, one or two, ideally three or even up to five future inflorescences (glumes) are created. The mature, one-year-old shoot can then be used as fruitwood the following year. This means that the number and size of the grapes on a vine depend on the growing conditions during the flowering period of the previous year. Poor, cold flowering weather with faltering shoot growth can thus have a negative effect on the yield next year. See also under vegetation cycle.

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