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The white grape variety originates from Sicily(Italy). Synonyms are Ansolia, Ansolica, Ansoliku, Ansonica (second main name), Ansonica Bianca, Ansora, Ansorica, Anzonica (Tuscany), Insolia, Insolia di Palermo, Insora, Nzolia and Zolia Bianca (Sicily). The ancestry (parentage) is unknown. According to DNA analyses carried out in 2021, it is a presumably natural cross between Mantonico Bianco x unknown partner. The red variety Inzolia Nera is not a colour mutation (or vice versa). The variety was first mentioned in 1696 by the Italian botanist Francesco Cupani (1657-1710). According to genetic and ampelographic comparisons with other Sicilian varieties, the roots probably lie in Sicily, from where it spread. This makes the hypotheses of a French, Greek or Spanish origin unlikely or disproved. Genetic or historical evidence is also lacking for the hypothesis that it or an ancestor could be identical with the ancient variety Irziola mentioned by Pliny the Elder (23-79).

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