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Ichneumon flies

As parasites in viticulture, ichneumon flies are among the beneficial insects in the fight against various pests. From the species-rich family, there are very small to large specimens with different shapes that resemble wasps or ants. The Ichneumonidae are known as "ichneumonid wasps" (also known as chalcid wasps) or "ichneumonids in the narrower sense". Females can be recognized by their long ovipositor, which is used to lay eggs on or in the host (even through hard wood). The larvae live as external or internal parasites mostly in larvae or pupae of the host. Usually there is only one generation per year, the hibernation occurs as female or adult larvae. The pupae and larvae are attacked and destroyed by grapevine slime louse, rhombic moth, spring worm moth, grape moth and cicadas (vine cicadas). See also under vine enemies.

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