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Term (also equivocation) for the property of a word to be ambiguous. An example is "dew", which can mean a morning precipitation, a rope or the 19th letter of the Greek alphabet. In the case of vine varieties, similar varieties are sometimes grouped together under one name (homonym), even though they are genotypically independent vine varieties. Particularly significant examples are Clevner, with which many largely unrelated grape varieties are named, and above all Malvasia with well over 50 varieties with this name component. Common names were also very common due to the formerly widespread custom of planting different varieties in the vineyard in amixed set (mixed set). In contrast to the homonym, the synonym with different names stands for the same term. However, there are also vine variety names which are used for several vine varieties because of a common characteristic. An example for Italy is Pagadebit ("debtor") for grape varieties with high yields.

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