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peak, top (GB)
apogée (F)
apice (I)

Regarding a wine at the peak of its development, see drinking maturity.

Trinkreife The "right" time, at which a wine has reached the optimal maturity in its development and promises the highest, best possible drinking pleasure. The alternative term "drinking time window" (drinking window) describes more clearly that it is not an exact point in time, or by its very nature cannot be the case at all, but rather a more or less longer period of time. However, this raises the question of whether and how this can be determined or even predicted. In short, it can be assumed with a certain degree of probability, but it can never be determined exactly and certainly not to the month and year.

For simple red wine, rosé and white wine intended for quick enjoyment, the marketing time is also the drinking maturity. For better qualities, the time depends on the life span or shelf life. This is usually different between white wine, red wine and dessert wine. An important prerequisite for longevity is the development potential of the wine. Grape variety, grape care and reduced yield ("the less, the better") have a positive influence on this. The often used slogan "quality originates in the vineyard" is therefore justified. Nevertheless, a factor that should not be underestimated is also the way the wine is made or...

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