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Area classified as Cru (peak appellation) in the northern section of the Rhône on the left bank, named after the mountain of the same name. Occasionally, the labels also mention the names Ermitage, l'Ermitage or l'Hermitage. It is located in the southern part of the section on the left bank of the Rhône. To the north, the Crozes-Hermitage section adjoins it. It is believed that the Phoenicians were already cultivating wine here in 400 BC. The Greek historian Strabo (63 B.C.-28 A.D.) reported that the banks of the Rhône were covered with vines and possibly meant exactly this area. The name Hermitage is derived from the hermitage of the Crusader Henri Gaspard de Sterimberg, who retreated to the hill of Tain in 1224 and founded a hermitage (Ermitage) to devote himself to prayer and viticulture.

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