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tannique, âcre, rude, acerbe (F)
aspro (I)
acerbo, áspero, rudo (ES)
acerbo, acre, áspero (PO)
acerb, harsh, tart (GB)

Designation for a very dry, acid accentuated white wine or a tannin accentuated, astringent red wine in the context of a wine response. In the case of still wine, it has no meaning in wine law and, in contrast to wine law terms, does not provide any information about the residual sugar content. Just as unofficially, the term feinherb is common in Germany. For sparkling wine (sparkling wine, champagne), on the other hand, "tart" (French: brut) is defined by wine law with regard to residual sugar. Related terms of herb are crisp and dusty (dust-dry). For the other flavours, see sugar content.

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