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Henry Gernot

The winery is located in the municipality of Gols in the Burgenland DAC area of Neusiedlersee (Austria). It is managed by Gernot and Heike Heinrich. The vineyards (about 90 ha) are located on both sides of Lake Neusiedl: on the west side in the cool, calcareous slopes of the Leithaberg, such as Alter Berg, Edelgraben and Hackelsberg, as well as in the warmer, south-facing sites around Gols, such as Gabarinza and Salzberg, with sandy loamy soils and plenty of sunshine. The main focus is on the red wine varieties Blaufränkisch, Zweigelt, St. Laurent, Pinot Noir and Merlot. The proportion of white wine varieties has increased again in recent years. The most important ones are Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc at the Leithagebirge, as well as Pinot Gris, Red Traminer and Neuburger, which are produced with a lot of mash contact or even fermented on the mash.

Particular attention is paid to the correct location of the vines or grape varieties in terms of soil composition and moisture, exposure (sunlight) and altitude. Through varied, varietal greening between the rows, the biodiversity (variety of species) of plants and microorganisms is promoted with the aim of healthy vines and at the same time erosion is prevented. In some locations, sheep are even grazed all year round. The total renunciation of pesticides and the gradual conversion to Biodynamics took place in 2006 and was the final step towards a preventive and natural preparation oriented cultivation, which is carried out according to certified guidelines of Biodynamic viticulture. Moon phases are also taken into account. Both in the vineyard and in the cellar, the minimalist(non-invasive) principle has been adopted with as few interventions as possible.

In the cellar, after spontaneous fermentation, untreated on their own yeast, the wines are stored in mostly used wooden barrels (500, 1,500 to 2,700 l as well as wooden fermentation stands with mostly 3,000 l; only a few barriques are left). Thus, over time, the individual aromatic, terroir-influenced spectra with natural and reductive notes develop. Although these natural processes are perceived and observed, they are influenced as little as possible. The aim of this working method is to produce authentic and original wines. Premium wines include the red wine cuvées Gabarinza (Zweigelt, Merlot, Blaufränkisch), Pannobile red (Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch) and Salzberg (Merlot, Blaufränkisch), as well as various red and white wines Leithaberg DAC. Around 500,000 bottles of wine are produced annually. The wine is exported to over 20 EU countries, Switzerland, the USA and some countries in Asia. The winery is a member of Pannobile, Premium Estates of Austria and Respekt.

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