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Henderson Alexander

Dr. Alexander Henderson (1780-1863), a Scottish-born physician living in London, was the author of numerous important publications and, among other things, a contributor to the famous "Encyclopaedia Britannica". He visited the wine-growing regions of Italy, France and Germany and subsequently wrote "The History of Ancient and Modern Wines", which was published in 1824. In it he compares the wines of antiquity with the wines of his time. On the basis of his medical expertise, the specific aspects of wine tasting are particularly important in this work. His evaluations of French Bordeaux wines were included as one of the criteria in the 1855 Bordeaux Classification.

He was one of the first wine writers to try to bridge the gap between wine experts, who could only understand specialists, and the understanding and limited knowledge of the general consumer. He commented: "If we are told that a wine is penetrating, volatile, volatile and so on, then this is not at all appropriate. The only satisfactory and comprehensible way to give a wine description is to compare it with another taste, on which mankind as a whole is in agreement". For more information on this topic, see the section on wine description and wine evaluation.

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