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Heinrich IV.

The French King Henry IV (1553-1610), the first of the Bourbons, is considered a great connoisseur and was also a very special wine lover (in some sources he is called a "drunkard"). There are countless stories about him, some of which are legendary, in connection with wine. Henry IV was baptised a Roman Catholic, but changed his faith several times. As King Henry of Navarre, he was a Huguenot (Protestant) leader. After protracted battles with the French Catholics, he was up for discussion as French king, but was not recognised by the Catholic League for the time being. He therefore converted to Catholicism once again and received abjuration (readmission) on 25 July 1593 in the Basilica of Saint-Denis. In this context, his saying "Paris is worth a mass" (Paris vaut bien une messe) has been handed down, but this was later put into his mouth by the Protestants. He also introduced the "Carabiniers du Roi", the predecessors of the musketeers, as the king's bodyguards. This was of no use to him himself, as he was assassinated by a Catholic fanatic (incidentally, this was the 18th assassination attempt made on him).

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