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Heidelberg Herrenberg

See under Herrenberg.

Beside old person mountain, chapel mountain, Kirchberg, monastery mountain, rose mountain and sun mountain one of the most frequent single vineyard names in Germany. There are also the names Herrnberg, Herrenberger and Maximiner Herrenberg. In some other layer names Herrenberg is included, for example in Deutschherrenberg, Domherrenberg, Graf Beyßel Herrenberg and Kirchherrenberg. The name is mostly derived from a former manorial property. It occurs 44 times in 9 of the 13 growing areas (see last paragraph).

Erden - Moselle (Bernkastel)

The vineyard, which is oriented southeast to southwest and has a slope gradient of 15 to 60%, comprises 15.5 hectares of vineyards on stony, heavily weathered clay slate soil. Above this, the site is adjoined by Treppchen. The Riesling variety is mainly cultivated here. The vineyards Berres, Dr. Hermann, Lotz Klaus, Roth Andreas, S. A. Prüm and St. Anna, for example, have shares in the site.

Heidelberg/Leimen - Baden (Badische Bergstrasse)

The vineyards, which face west to southwest and have a gradient of 10 to 30%, cover 46 hectares of vineyards. The soils consist mainly of shell limestone, interspersed with red sandstone and loess clay. The main varieties grown here are Riesling, Silvaner and Müller-Thurgau. The Müller Adam and Seeger ThomasSeeger...

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