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Single location in the municipalities of Neu-Bamberg and Siefersheim (Bingen area) in the German Rheinhessen growing region. The name refers to the arduous workability of the soil, because "Kretz" is derived from "Kratzen". The part "Heer" comes from an old army road in the valley at the foot of the Lage. The south- and south-east facing vineyards at an altitude of 160 to 280 metres above sea level with a slope gradient of 20 to 60% comprise 56 hectares of vineyards. The soils, which are somewhat different due to their size, consist of quartz porphyry, porphyry weathering and consolidated sea sand with thick shell limestone deposits, partly fine earth and loam, as well as in the subsoil primary rock and red clay. The very fissured vineyard slope with many basin locations is well protected from cold east and west winds. At the foot of the site, springs spring up, which lead to a favourable water balance for the vines. Here mainly the varieties Riesling, Silvaner andPinot Noir are cultivated. The Steitz Christian and Wagner-Stempel wineries, for example, have shares in the site.

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