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The white grape variety comes from Spain. Synonyms are Gibi(Argentina); Augibi, Jubi Blanc, Maccabeu à Gros Grains, Panse Blanche, Passerille Blanche, Tercia Blanc(France); Monica Bianca, Mora Bianca, Mora Bianca di Sini, Pansale, Panzale(Italy); Mourisco Branco (Portugal); Alzibib, Auzebi, Aparia, Even de Yepes, Gibi, Laco Blanco, Lekel Aneb, Lekhal Aneb, Pansera, Torrontés(Spain). The parentage (parenthood) is unknown. The probably very old variety was first mentioned in documents at the beginning of the 16th century. According to an unverifiable hypothesis it was introduced to Andalusia by the Arabs under the name Alzibibib (Zibebe = raisin). According to DNA analyses, it has numerous direct descendants through presumably natural crosses and is therefore considered an important Spanish leading variety

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