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First caterpillar generation of the grape berry moth; see there.

Dreaded insect pest (also grape moth or wine moth) in viticulture, which belongs to the butterfly family. There are two species, which can be distinguished visually, but whose way of life and damage pattern are almost identical. The one-banded grape ber ry moth (Eupoecilia ambiguella) with a black head capsule occurs mainly in northern areas. The name derives from the broad band in the middle of the wing. The cross-banded grape berry moth (Lobesia botrana) with a honey-coloured head capsule occurs mainly in southern areas. Its cross band is strongly curved. Both species can be found in Central Europe. They have been known as a major vine pest since the Middle Ages. The caterpillars feed on flowers, fruits and leaves. Characteristic are the plant parts spun into a living tube.

Hibernation takes place as a spun-in pupa, whereby the pests prefer the bark cracks of the stems. The moths hatch in spring from...

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