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A new type of closure for wine bottles launched in 2005 in the fight against the dreaded cork taster. The abbreviation H.I.S.S. stands for "Hermetic Internal Solid Seal". This closure, registered as a patent, was invented by the German engineer Ludwig Hiss and was popularly called "Verhüterli". The closure consists of a normal cork, the underside of which is covered with a thin tin foil. This foil prevents molecules such as TCA (trichloroanisole), which triggers the cork tasting, and related causes of wine defects from getting from the cork into the wine. Pure tin has been successfully used in the food industry for many decades. The metal is food-safe and is even resistant to aggressive substances such as olive oil or Coca Cola. The inventor has also developed an easy to install additional unit for the automatic closing machines. This part puts the tin cap over the cork before it is pressed into the bottle neck. When uncorking the bottle, the cap slides out with the cork without any problems. The basic idea of H.I.S.S. is similar to the alternative ProCork system. See also under closures.

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