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(smell or taste) of grapes (GB)
fruité (F)
dall’odore e sapore di uva (I)
grapey (GB)

Description for the typical smell and taste of a wine after fresh grapes in the context of a wine address. These are so-called primary aromas, which are already present in the berries and are particularly noticeable in the pressed juice. These are usually only present in young wines and are covered by newly formed aromas in the course of ageing or bottle ripening (see also under Aroma). One often reads that wines from Muscatel varieties have this grapey tone in particular. However, this has no connection and grapey should not be confused with muscatel. The reason for this false assumption could be that Muscatel wines are often developed in a sweetish way and are marketed and drunk early. On the other hand, dry Muscatel wines do not have a grapey tone.

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