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Grape juice

grape juice (GB)
jus de raisin (F)
succo d'uva (I)

Traubensaft Designation (also grape sweet must) for a grape must which has undergone further processing. Further fermentation is stopped by the addition of sulphur (but for certain organic products this is only allowed to a very limited extent or not at all). An actual alcohol content of up to 1% vol. is tolerated or permitted under wine law.

If necessary, certain substances such as sugar or fruit pulp separated during processing (for the purpose of flavouring) are added back to the grape juice. A grape must concentrate produced from it by dehydration may not be further processed into wine or added to wine. See also RTK (rectified concentrated grape must) and must.

Complete lists of the numerous vinification measures and cellar techniques, as well as the types of wine, sparkling wine and distillate regulated by wine law are included under the heading "Vinification". Comprehensive wine law information can be found under EU regulations and wine law.

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