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Gold Drop

Single location in the municipality of Piesport (Bernkastel area) in the German Moselle growing region. In the middle lies the small location Domherr. The name is derived from the Celtic "col" (hill, mountain). According to another interpretation, it refers to the micaceous rock or the golden droplets that shimmer on the berries when overripe or noble rot. According to the third variant, this refers to the preciousness of the wines. The vineyards, which are arranged from south-east to south-west in the form of an amphitheatre at an altitude of 125 to 160 metres above sea level with a slope gradient of 30 to 70%, cover 66 hectares of vines. The Dhron is one of the fillets.

Goldtröpfchen - Gemeinde Piesport (Bernkastel, Mosel)

The deep, heavily weathered Devonian slate soils are interspersed with quartz and minerals and in some plots have a high proportion of fine soil. They have an excellent water balance. The rocks of the Mosellorelay protect against the cold north winds. Here mainly the Riesling variety is cultivated. Shares in the vineyard are, for example, the A. J. Adam, Bischöfliche Weingüter Trier, Blees-Ferber, Grans-Fassian, Haart Reinhold, Hain Kurt, Kettern Lothar, Lehnert-Veit, Loersch-Eifel, Nik Weis - St. Urbans-Hof, Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt, Reuscher-Haart, Später-Veit and Vereinigte Hospitien.

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