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Ginger wine

Ginger wine (GB)

This spice, which originates from China, is obtained from the dried roots of a reed-like perennial plant of the spice lily family, which can grow up to two metres high. The best species come from Jamaica. In Central Europe there is a wild species called calamus (stomachwort). It has a typically spicy, lemon-like and slightly sweetish taste. A wine already known in ancient times with ginger added was the Hypocras. Until the high middle ages ginger was used (among many other spices) to flavour wine, also to make it more durable. Today, ginger wine is produced according to various recipes. A mixture of ginger, lemons, oranges, apple juice or grape juice, sugar and occasionally dessert wines such as sherry or port are fermented by yeasts.


Picture: from Wolfgang Eckert on Pixabay

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