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See under Botrytis.

Mostly used short name for Botrytis cinerea (synonym Botryotinia fuckeliana) for the mould fungus from the genus Botrytis, which is called grey mould rot (also grey rot, grey mould, sour rot) or positively occupied as noble fungus or noble rot. It belongs to the tubular fungi and spreads vegetatively via the so-called conidia (spore form). Depending on the stage of ripeness or the infested areas on the vine, it is also known as botrytis, stem botrytis or grape botrytis. It was already described in the 18th century and occurs in all temperate climate zones of the world. Wine-growing areas with geographical and climatic conditions that are particularly favourable for the infestation are Sauternes (France), Rheingau (Germany), Lake Neusiedl (Austria) and Tokaj (Hungary). Over 200 host plants are known. Particularly affected are flower bulbs, vegetables, ornamental plants and vines. In young grapes the infestation has a necotrophic (lethal) effect, in older biotrophic (host organism stays alive longer).

Botrytis - Anfangsstadium bei einer Rieslingtraube

In the vine, all parts except the trunk and perennial wood are affected, but flowers (if the fungus is present at this stage) and berries are preferred. Because on these there is a sufficient supply of sugar and nitrogenous compounds. The name grey mould is derived from the characteristic grey fungal turf that covers the infested plant parts. In the case of heavy grape infestation, it can be observed that a grey cloud consisting of the fungal spores rises when the harvest containers are emptied. In viticulture, botrytis is feared on the one hand, but on the other hand it is also very desirable "at the right time". Under appropriate environmental conditions, the noble rot, which is mainly desired in white wine varieties, develops. This is partly a prerequisite for noble sweet white wine specialities such as Ausbruch, Auslese, Beerenauslese and (a must under wine law) Trockenbeerenauslese. Due to their high sugar...

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